(Written: April 2019)

I would like to first briefly define the two words that this piece is about–curiosity and consciousness.

Curiosity-is the desire to know and I like to state that it is the desire to seek knowledge about the universe.

Consciousness-is the state of mind being aware of its surroundings and aware of the particulars of the universe.
So curiosity is the desire to know which leads to the awareness(consciousness) of the universe.

Curiosity and consciousness are on the ” same WhatsApp group”. I’m using this popular saying as a creative way to illustrate the relationship between curiosity and consciousness.Curiosity and consciousness go hand in hand. For one to gain consciousness one should strive for curiosity. I learned of this phenomenon by non other than observing and learning about myself,I can say that I am a person who has always been curious ever since I was a child, yes all children are curious–they ask a lot of questions about a lot of stuff,but it seems as if my curiosity didn’t stop by the end of my childhood,but I’m growing with it.And it has taught me a lot of things about the world we’re living in. My mind is like an ongoing machine producing the ‘why’s’ and ‘ how’s’ about the universe and through all the questions,I desire to know more about…everything. It feels like I’m in a quest of some sort-a quest of quest-tions!😁And through this quest I have realized that I know about a lot of things now– amazing things that are just outside the illusionary borders of the ideas that society operates on.
I know that different people have different values and opinions,likes and dislikes about certain things in life,so others do not bother questioning certain aspects of life,but I feel as if it’s not only disinterest that causes the unquestioning but it’s ignorance which is influenced by society’s mental programming of linear thinking–the main culprit which is one of the causes of this is media,perpetuated especially by the screen box that sits on our living room stands—Tell-a-lie-vision(TV), it takes us out of mental independence and makes us submissive and more docile to the spiritually oppressing system we live in.Talk about mind conditioning? That’s what TV does!

The quest of questions about the universe is never ending as the universe is ever-expanding,there are universes within universes and some intellectuals are even putting the word ‘universe’ under scrutiny, if it is the appropriate word to give to the ‘universe’,they say it should be called ‘polyverse’ because there are many universes—they are infinite.

This following quote by one of the greatests of scientists in the past—Albert Einstein says a lot about the context of this piece.

“I have no special talents,I am only passionately curious”
_Albert Einstein _

Albert Einstein was a physician who made history for himself in the 20th century by creating physics theories that influenced his time’s and modern technologies and sciences.

Here is another brief history about Einstein’s own created theories

Referring from the Ducksters education site:

E=mc² and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein had many discoveries as a scientist, but is most known for his Theory of Relativity. This theory changed much in the way scientists look at the world and set the foundation for many modern inventions, including the nuclear bomb and nuclear energy. One equation from the theory is E=mc2. In this formula, “c” is the speed of light and is a constant. It is assumed to be the fastest speed possible in the universe. This formula explains how energy (E) is related to mass (m). The Theory of Relativity explained a lot of how time and distance may change due to the “relative” or different speed of the object and the observer.

What other discoveries is Albert Einstein noted for?

Albert Einstein laid much of the foundation for modern physics. Some other of his discoveries include:

Photons – In 1905 Einstein came up with the concept that light is made up of particles called photons. Most scientists of his day didn’t agree, but later experiments showed this to be the case. This became an important discovery for many branches of science and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

Bose-Einstein Condensate – Together with another scientist, Satyendra Bose, Einstien discovered another state of matter. Sort of like liquid or gas or solid states. Today this discovery is used in cool stuff like lasers and superconductors.

Curiosity led Einstein to discover all those phenomenons about the universe.If all the past’s science greats curiosity was stunned,we wouldn’t had able to create the ongoing technological advancement we have.

As I stated that I am a curious person, I’m often at my head a lot, and spending a lot of time on my mind makes me to think more deeply, and want to gain a lot of general knowledge, whether it’s about history, politics, race relations, science and a lot more.
They say the universe is infinite people,so there is way more that we don’t know about it.We think that we have discovered all there is to discover, when maybe we have just discovered 5% of the infinite% of the universe.Having the curiosity to gain universal knowledge will even help us to be concious of our own selves,as we are also part of the universe.Are we really a small part of it?Yes,we are the micro and the universe is the macro,there are even micros(living bacteria that sustain the internal and external of our bodies) in us and we are their macros.

The human experience is quite a challenging experience as the human being is an interesting and quite a complicated puzzle,but it is solvable, gaining self knowledge will make your human experience to not have unnecessary hassles, but solve the puzzle (you)with mastery.And that will require curiosity about the universe as you are part of it.

They say ” curiosity killed a cat” but I say, curiosity killed ignorance.Ignorance is what this modern society operates on and I guess ignorance for the majority is bliss because we are becoming even more docile to the mental program of this society we live in.Curiosity can kill our collective ignorance and cure or better yet prevent prevantable society’s social ills we have been prone to.
The curious mind is an interesting one, because it usually doesn’t conform to societal man-made living standards that sometimes don’t make logical sense,it creates it’s own standards through observing the patterns of nature, and then come to a conclusion independently as to how to live ones life.It feels so amazing to discover a pattern about something that you have been ruminating about mentally,on how that particular thing came about or how does it work and how it has an effect on other particulars—–I’ll be like,Eureka!Those Eureka moments show me how amazing the mind is when it is trained to think outside the box.
As we know that some things don’t come naturally to other people, to some the subjects of this piece has little concern or interest to them, but for those who want to gain conciousness, curiosity is key for them,so I’ll share what you one can do just to feel the amazement of gaining universal knowledge.

Note, I’m not trying to tell anyone to change who they are,but for one to gain something one should sometimes get out of their comfort zone.Want to kill ignorance?Here are three tips I believe you should apply regularly,so here goes….

-Developing the love of reading books
Often immersing yourself in written words can make you to discover a lot more of what is happening in the world all over,as a lot of information is made available in books that supply different information.You can even see for yourself that visual information that we get daily from TV is compromised of a lot of truths and is usually very contradictory and oxymoronic,so I believe through experience that currently books are the way to go, but! I recommend reading intellectual strengthning books.

-Make yourself familiar with the internet
This one results from point #1.The masses dominate social media–Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and a lot more social media platforms,so particular websites or blogs in the internet,which I can state that they provide out of the box thinking content,do not get the same amount of audience as social media has.Whenever I have that ‘why’ moment about a particular subject, I would think “Google search,where are ya!”And I would research about my interest.Since last year I’ve been reading blogs about human relations and I must admit, I have learned startling facts.

-Making time for solitude
I know this will be quite hard for people who are more outgoing,who like to spend a lot of time with other people, but solitude sometimes comes with silence and silence triggers amazing observation, when there is silence you notice a lot of things that can be blocked from your awareness,be it by social interactions or noisy places.They say the best ideas come during solitude and I believe that awareness(most importantly of self) is gained best during solitude.

-Coincidence, that word….

Being curious for me also means eliminating the word ‘coincidence’ in life events,it means looking deeper through surface reality and looking at particular matters on different angles.There are many events which are not coincidences that take place in this world but that fact pass us by because we lack awareness (conciousness) and curiosity can make us look at certain events with a concious eye, not turn a blind eye because we think it’s just…..’coincidence’.

Conciousness can be reached in different ways by different people as we are individuals to be frank, but the four I have pointed out, the love of reading books,familarity with the internet,solitude,God!And Eleminating the word ‘coincidence’—they are what makes my curiosity even more greater hence the regaining of my conciousness.
CURIOSITY AND CONCIOUSNESS are on the “SAME WHATSAPP GROUP”,curiosity is my daily bread, conciousness is what I strive for, can’t help it people! That’s just how I roll.

Author: afrikanumoya

Zulu young woman, freethinker and creative.Aspiring writer.Philosophy and history are dears.Hobbies include reading,journaling, meditation and just thinking... infinitely.

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